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Below you find a selection of the most recent projects in architecture, photography and nature design.


Vocking Gallery is located in Amsterdam. The collection contains a lot of private work of upcycle art, light design and miscellaneous. Together with a curated selection from other Amsterdam based artists. 

"Fortunately, more and more people are discovering that your used material can breathe new life by making new products with well-functioning parts.

The so-called 'upcycling'. To turn existing material into  functional products or to be used creatively as an art form.

My art shows that both can be combined.

Functional art." - Vocking Creations

"Consciously changing the world around us"


"Where I grew up in Zalk between the rivers and the animals, it was not common to buy everything new. Early on I learned from materials I found in the area that I could already make furniture and utensils. When my parents' house was rebuilt had to be because of a fire, I helped with the professionals and became interested in building, so I soon knew that I wanted to become an architect and started studying architecture.The tone for making was set. always painting and drawing and my great-grandfather wrote fairy-tale books. So I was born to look at the world from beauty. That is why I not only want to make sustainable, practical products, but also an aesthetic party. "


"Besides circular and applicable designs,

also an esthetic rapture."

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